3 Features to Consider Before Getting a Workwear

3 Features to Consider Before Getting a Workwear
A Quick Guide About the Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Workwear.

Workwear does come in different shapes and sizes. They differ in colour, design, style, and even price. But they all offer protection. This being said, choosing the perfect workwear for you will be a tricky question. Good thing I’ve come up with the best tips on what to consider in choosing the right workwear. These tips will help you identify the essentials that proper workwear must have in order for you to achieve comfort and protection as you do your job.

Here are the tips to consider on how to choose the best workwear.

Materials used in the workwear

For example, if you are looking for the best High-visibility vest, one thing you should consider is the materials used in the product. Is it made from polyester or cotton? I’ve listed some key information about the difference between these two, which can help you identify which suits you best.

  • Polyester

This material is cheap to manufacture. This is the main reason why most high-visibility vests and workwear are made from polyester. They are also easy to clean and provide a vivid high-visibility colour that is less likely to fade. However, these products are not suitable for individuals who work in a hot areas, as polyester can melt. Polyester products do not have enough breathability properties which makes them hot to wear for some people.  

  • Cotton

On the other hand, workwear made from cotton offers a better breathability property. This enables the individual to feel cool and comfortable while doing their job. They are also antistatic and can be worn in hot work areas. But, cotton workwear is a bit heavier than polyester and they tend to fade faster.

Pockets and Decals


These are also one of the essentials to consider when buying the right workwear. Pockets can help you keep and take things like keys, IDs, and even mobile phones with you. While decals help increase your workwear’s visibility especially if you are working at night.

In which, you have to choose what really fits your preferences. For example, there are high-visibility vests that come with velcro or zipper as a fastening component. Workwear with velcro tabs tends to be cheaper than those that have a full zip front. Zip front workwear tends to last longer and tends to be significantly more durable compared to velcro tabs.

In addition, if you are working at night, you can pick workwear that has silver reflective tape for added visibility.

Extra Features

3 features to consider before getting a workwear

Depending on the kind of work you have, each workwear has different styles and design that is made for specific jobs as well. For instance, there are types of workwear that are perfect for certain types of jobs. Though all of them provide protection, some are waterproof. Some have peaked hoods to prevent rain from hitting the wearer’s face. In addition, some workwear also has ribbed waistbands and cuffs to keep it secure.


In terms of colour, most workwear tends to have the basic yellow and orange hue. However, some are combined with a navy blue colour to produce a two-tone material. Nowadays, some high-visibility vests can be purchased in green, red, and blue. However, these products should meet the standards required in Australia. You can check this list of workwear and see whether they fit your preferences. Rest assured that all of these items have passed Australian standards and can guarantee a comfortable and protected work performance.


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